Evotech Pvt. Ltd., Sister Concern of Evcon Technologies, Providers of Evcon Turbo TMT System
Energy Optimizing Furnace

EVOTECH” has also entered in to an agreement with “MINITEC”, BRAZIL for manufacturing, supplying, installing, commissioning and/or subsequent repairs of Energy Optimizing Furnace in INDIA.

Energy Optimizing Furnace (EOF) “ENERGY OPTIMIZING FURNACE (EOF)” will include some or all of the following basic components:

- EOF Proper;
- Scrap preheater (if specified)
- Waste Heat Recovery System (if specified)
- Gas Cleaning System
- Scrap storage, handling and charging
- Flux and Alloy Addition System
- Water Cooled Elements and their Water Feeding System
- Process Fluids System
- Hot Metal, steel and slag handling equipment
- Control and Instrumentation System
- Ancillary Systems

The EOF –“Energy Optimizing Furnace”- is a melting/refining oxygen based process for the production of liquid steel, staring from hot metal, with the addition of up to 40% scrap, preheated in the process. The unique proprietary scrap preheating process has a 25 years history of success. The EOF works with combined oxygen blow, (submerged and atmosphere oxygen), in an initial charge containing hot metal, preheated scrap and fluxes for slag formation.

Submerged oxygen reacts with the carbon from hot metal, generating CO bubbles. These bubbles travel through the liquid bath to the furnace atmosphere, where CO is burnt to CO2 by the oxygen blown through atmosphere injectors and supersonic lances. Such CO bubbling generates an intense starring and splashing that strongly increases the bath surface exposed to oxygen, allowing the transfer of an appreciable amount of heat to the bath and accelerating carbon oxidation. Sensible heat in the off-gas is used for preheating scrap, located above the furnace roof.

Energy Optimizing Furnace (EOF) The following are some important features of the EOF:-

- Combined oxygen blowing (submerged and atmospheric)
- Maximum utilization of the sensible heat form all reactions
- Scrap preheating, using the sensible heat from the waste gases.
- Production of liquid steel combining hot metal and scrap in charge.
- Possibility of using high percentage of solid charge (up to 40%)
- Special submerged tuyeres for submerged oxygen blowing, with long life
- Efficient wet dedusting system
- Deslagging and formation of second slag during blow
- Liquid steel of highest purity with very low level of prosperous and sulphur
- Low noise level
- Highest productivity – up to an average of 45 heats per day.

Combining the above features the EDF presents a lower cost production than any other router, combined with great flexibility with regards to the metallic charge mix.