Evotech Pvt. Ltd., Sister Concern of Evcon Technologies, Providers of Evcon Turbo TMT System
Mini Blast Furnaces

MINITEC is a reputed company in the field of Mini Technologies for the iron and steel industry and is I possession of exclusive, worldwide rights for marketing/selling and construction of

Mini Blast Furnace - Mini Blast Furnaces
- Energy Optimising Furnaces (EOF)

And has developed expertise and know-how for engineering, supply, construction, commissioning and/or subsequent repairs of such units on their own TECHNOLOGY and KNOW HOW.

“EVOTECH’ has entered in to an agreement with “MINITEC”, BRAZIL for manufacturing, supplying , installing, commissioning and /or subsequent repairs of Mini Blast Furnace in INDIA.

MINI BLAST FURNACE”(MBF) will include some or all of the following basic components:

Mini Blast Furnace - Burden preparation and handing system;
- The Blast Furnace proper;
- Cast House (casting bay)
- Stag Granulation System;
- Blower House;
- Hot Blast System;
- Gas Cleaning System:
- Water System:
- Compressed Air System;
- Environmental Control System;
- Pig Casting Machine;
- Electrical, Instrumentation, automation and control system.