Evotech Pvt. Ltd., Sister Concern of Evcon Technologies, Providers of Evcon Turbo TMT System
Solar Energy - Green & Clean

Indo Evotech intends to speed up the "Green Energy" technological transition.
We focus on environmentally preferred, renewable Energy Generation and Storage.We promote conservation and demand management including the timelyconnection of renewable energy projects to transmission and distribution systems;
Indo EvoTech provides clients with the ability to add Green energy as part of any purchasestrategy. We use our strong high level supplier relationships and buying power to accessproducts unavailable to the market place directly. This also gives us the opportunity toobtain the most competitive contract terms possible. Our consultant teams will workclosely alongside your business to evaluate its needs and requirement.

A few examples of our green initiatives are:
Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, will be at the core of these energy-efficientsmart lighting systems - chips built into light assemblies connectedto a network of other lights and sensors, and controlled by hostsoftware that optimizes electricity use.

Solar Energy : Full turn-key solar solutions for thecommercial, industrial, and real estate sectors. Webegin by carefully reviewing the proposed projectsite, financial goals, and all the availableincentives. Once we have gathered allrequisite data, our engineers will designa commercial solar energy systemtailored specifically to your electricaland financial requirement.