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Video Conferencing

Some reasons to consider video conferencing.
Save Time: No longer will you have to carve out time to hunt for a conference room ordrive across town to see a client. You can simply meet within the comfort of your office.A meeting can literally happen thanks to a few mouse clicks.

Collaborate Better: The best way to communicate is face-to-face,but video conferencing runs a close second.Facial expressions and gestures help contribute to the dynamic of a meeting and can ensure that all parties are on the same page
Convenience: Video conferencing allows great flexibility to meet and un-meet; that is, changing meeting times, squeezing in last-minute meetings,or changing locations.

Connect Remotely : can connect no matter wherethey are with team members back at the office. Whileyou're on the road, mobile applications also allow youthe freedom to meet, provided there's a reliableconnection.

Make Fast Decisions : Making important decisionswith many people involved can mean a lot of back andforth emails or long-winded audio calls. When peoplemeet eyeball to eyeball, it's easier to come to aconsensus and clarify any outstanding issues.