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Kalugin Stoves For Brown Field Project
The filled information will help in estimating the design parameters, equipment required for the process, type of cooling pipe required to be installed, costing of the process. On studying the below information we shall get back to you.

Name of Company
Address for correspondence
Contact person
BF No.
BF Volume (in m3)
Stove No.

Item Value
Apparatus number in block, pcs.
Operating Mode
Temperature of Dome (max.), oC
Temperature of Hot Blast (max.), oC
Temperature of Smoke (max.), oC
Blast period duration, hour
Valve Switching duration, min
Checkerwork Chamber Cut, m2
Checkerwork Height, m
Checkerwork Type
Channel Diameter, mm
Cold Blast Consumption, nm3/min.
Cold Blast Pressure (excessive), Mpa
Temperature of Cold Blast, oC
Cold Blast Humidity, g/m3
Combustion Air Temperature, oC
Combustion Air Humidity, g/m3
Mixed Gas Temperature, oC
Mixed Gas Humidity, g/m3
Gas pressure in the collector KSS, Pa
Air Consumption Coefficient
Gas Composition, (% on volume)

Gas Blast Furnace Gas Natural Gas / Coke Oven Gas
Nitrogen: Pressure, MPa O2
content (no more than 3.0%), %
Shell diameter KSS upper/down, mm
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