Evotech Pvt. Ltd., Sister Concern of Evcon Technologies, Providers of Evcon Turbo TMT System
Continuous Shear 450 Crs (for section 8 to 12mm)
Continuous dividing shear 450 mm CRS complete with equipments: Evcon Continuous Shear
  1. Entry Side
    - Shifter mechanism at the entry of the shear
    - Servo motor for shifting the line of rolling.
  2. Main shear body with Cover for the safety of the men and machinery
  3. Delivery side
    - Shifter mechanism at the exit of the shear
    - Shifting by pneumatic mechanisms
    - Adjustment for shifting the delivery mechanism upwards and downwards
  4. Lubrication unit
    - Piping, valves and fitting on the equipment
  5. Set of cutting blades - 2 sets
Control comprises of:
  • DC motor for the Continuous dividing shear
  • Four quadrant Digital drive rated for 725 Amps for the DC motor
  • Encoders
  • Proximity switch for positioning - One no.
  • Hot metal detector - One no.
  • Control desk facility for Test, Speed variation commands and digital speed indicator.
The cables to the shear and Pinch roll shall have to be provided by you.

Kindly note that we have quoted with:
Frame Steel fabricated by M.I.G. welding duly stress relieved in oil fired furnace.
Pinions/Gears EN353/354 integral case carburized and heat treated to 60+-2 HRC
Blade shafts EN9 forged and heat treated from 260 to 280 BHN
Lubrication The frame is provided with spray lines to the gears and the lubrication lines to bearings, including pumping unit complete

Contineous Dividing Shear
Blade Centers 450 mm
Blade Type Flat blade
Cutting Force 150 KN
Engagement Direct Coupled
Attachments - Shifting arrangement on nentry side
- Bar shifting arrangement on delivery side
- Pneumatic cylinder and accessories
- Lubrication unit
- Cage in front of shear  for the safety of men and  machinery
- Electrical motor and drive
Technical Parameters
Material  to cut

8-12 mm TMT bars

Minimum cycle time 2.5 s
Minimum length to be cut at 48 m
Rolling Speed 25 m/s
Temperature of the bar 550 to 600oC
Steel grade Fe-415, Fe-500
Cold tensile strength 60 kg/mm2
Cutting Tolerance +/- 50 mm