Evotech Pvt. Ltd., Sister Concern of Evcon Technologies, Providers of Evcon Turbo TMT System
Auto On-Line Inspection/ Conditioning of Rounds & Billets
With the increasing demand of automobile and other industries in India and abroad, the requirement of billets in quality, free from surface defects, internal defects, straight with clean surface and ends has increased to match the requirements of related industries.On Line Bar

JSW Steel Works Salem has taken a lead in this direction. The system “ON LINE BAR CONDITIONING” with combination of indigenous and imported components is the first unit of its kind with daily output of 1800-2000T/day.

  1. To ensure online inspection of billets in auto /semi auto mode.
  2. To take the billets directly from the cooling bed or from the stacking place.
  3. To ensure the billets free from burrs after cutting on the cooling bed by hot saw.On Line Bar
  4. To ensure the billets straightening 0.5-1.0 mm in 1.0 meter length throughout the length of the billet
  5. To clean the billets from all surface defects i.e. rust, scale scratches etc, by shot blasting.
  6. Physical inspection of billets for any defect such as cavity, deep scratches and its rectification.
  7. To ensure the billets free from internal defects by application of IR and NDT.
  8. To remove /cut the defective portion of the billets after NDT test and use the accepted portion.
  9. Recirculation of the billets for repeat check through IR and NDT route if required.
  10. In case of rounds, grouping of rounds by special arrangement i.e. bundle former followed by strapping.
  11. In case of RCS, piling of billets in two layers and strapping to ensure proper handling.
  12. Weighing of the bundle.
  13. Identification tags indicating the heat no., bundle no., no of billets in each bundle etc.
  14. Bundle collecting station and finally transferring the same to the stacking place.