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Directors Desk

The Managing Director of M/s Evo Tech Pvt. Ltd. is a vibrant person full of enthusiasm and a clear vision for future. Though he has been in the field of providing complete solutions for Steel rolling mills for less than 3 years, he has the grasp of the market requirement and the demand potential. Starting from TMT technologies for rolling mills to other aspects of rolling mills, iron and steel making technologies, Briquetting waste products for useful consumption, he believes in providing value for money to his customers. 

For him the present market, after recovering from the correction phase, has established such economic forces and dynamics, that the customer is facing the international competition wherever he goes. To survive in this market one has to be cost effective and quality conscious. For a solution provider Cost management, optimum resource utilization coupled with prompt delivery of products has become the mantra of existence and growth. Reproduced below are the excerpts from the interview with Mr. G. P. Singh, the CEO of M/s EVCON Technologies.

Interview With Iron & Steel Review Magazine

ISR: Within the relatively short period of establishment and operation, your company has earned a reputation in the rolling mill fraternity. What is the main reason behind this?

EVCON: Till the early 2001, the TMT products were considered as premium end products of high cost and were not being used extensively for technological and commercial construction and infrastructure projects. This is because of high project cost for installation of a TMT technology in a medium scale rolling mill. Since the medium scale rolling mills produce the major chunk of rolled products their lack of interest towards TMT products resulted in sluggish demand of TMT products. When we entered into foray in mid 2001, we found that the project cost could be reduced substantially by eliminating the expensive and redundant mechanisms, like Flying shear, that were being incorporated with TMT technology in those days. 

On further evaluation we envisaged that project cost could further be brought down with use of in-house resources and indigenous parts since the imported parts attract high duties. Thereafter there was no looking back. We established our unit in record time and started designing customized TMT technology. Our efforts have made it possible for rolling mill units, spread all over India, to plan for TMT production, which can be marketed at a premium price, as well as save in huge manpower and space for twisting CTD bars. If this trend continues for next couple of years, I can foresee obsolescence of TOR steel in construction works.


ISR: Which other fields of operations you have entered into so far?

EVCON: We have entered into TMT technology, Gasifier for Producer Gas generation for reheating furnaces of the rolling mills, Tar emulsification system for BF and other related areas in Blast furnace and Rolling mill technologies. Another new area we have recently entered into is cold briquetting of waste iron-carbon products, which are abundantly available at throw away costs, for use in Blast furnaces, Sponge iron units, Ferro-alloy units.


ISR: What technological up gradations and system enhancements are your company offering to the Customers? 

EVCON: Quite a number of technologies are at offer from our company. Our primary goal is to make the concept of cost reduction practically achievable without undoing existing set-up of a rolling mill or metal making unit. Take example of TMT technology, one flying shear is to be added in existing line of rolling and sufficient water is to be ensured for effective thermal processes. A suitable space is also required for cooling tower installation. While the rolling mill will take care for these aspects, we are there with sound consultancy and requisite back-up like competent technical crew, literature, trained personnel and list of potential TMT customers and of-course a genuine after-sales service.

In case of gasifier installation also we undertake the complete contract for successful commissioning and operation of system. We have also entered into an area for utilizing waste products - Cold Briquetting for the metallurgical industry. The technologies for tar emulsifications are at development stage. In the area of Rolling mills we cover a wide array of up gradation and optimization activities including casting and rolling modules. In addition to that we are also looking for providing technology for shorter size of granulated slag, ore charging mechanisms etc.


ISR: Your company is going for diversification, what is your strategy in this regard?

EVCON: Our Company has a competent technical base and rich experience of system commissioning. Our consultancy is multifaceted in terms of geographical distribution of our customers. Our operation ranges from remote corners of India to Abu-Dhabi. We are in sincere negotiation and at the stage of making joint venture with some of the EU based companies, which have some very improvised technologies for iron and steel making and Rolling Mills. 

These companies are from Russia, Sweden etc. Some of these companies have prior experience of project execution in India and they intend to be having such a partner who can transform their technologies compatible to local conditions without deviating from the standards and we are fitting in to these criteria. We have the competency and vision to optimize any system to match the requirements of any Rolling mill or metal producing unit.


ISR: Where do you place yourself in the market of solution provider for rolling mills and metal producing unit?

EVCON: Sincerely speaking, we are a player rendering the services for the medium and small end customers. Our company has been working hard to bring down the cost of projects, so that we are able to meet the needs of maximum customers. I feel that we are still at a nascent stage with a lot of scope of growth. It must be said that there still exists a huge space for infusing contemporary technology in the field of our operations.


ISR: How do you see the future of TMT products and the use of alternate fuel for Reheating Furnaces, the two areas in your portfolio? 

EVCON: There is an overwhelming demand for quality rolled products in the domestic and international market. Looking into the properties of the higher-grade steel e.g. Fe 415, 500 & 550, it is felt that the use of these steel in construction projects will soon become a statutory requirement. Bend ability, weld ability, less Weight to strength ratio, ductility and corrosion resistant virtues of TMT products place it ahead of conventional steel. It is happening in fuel front also. 

The petro-fuel, electricity and supreme grade coal require expensive setup and increased per unit cost. Although these fuels possess higher CV, but are fire and other hazards prone. On the other hand Producer Gas has a century old history of application. It is becoming a worthy reply in the quest of economically viable fuel in reheating furnaces. Having proper check on the operational expenses for these products, a distinct up trend in demand will be forthcoming.


ISR: In the scale of 10, where will you place your company in terms of target fulfillment, customer satisfaction and fiscal performance? 

EVCON: We are too new to be gauged in this scale. But definitely 8 points can be given for performance compared to our scale of establishment. So far none of our customers has registered any grave complain rather in a number of cases we were off-loaded the part of work, that was left half way by other agencies. As far as economic front is concerned, our main strength is our check on incurring cost. On the hindsight I find the company performing smooth.


ISR: For rolling mill, are you focused to TMT or else to other aspects? 

EVCON: Once we have established ourselves in TMT arena, our next thrust was for total rolling mill solution. For installing TMT technology in a conventional rolling mill, certain up gradations in the line of rolling along with mechanism up gradation are required. The latest concept is a casting and rolling module of 50,000 TPY to 1,20,000 TPY, which will bring about tremendous savings in energy as reheating would be avoided. We have know-how and expertise to take care of all such forthcoming requirements.