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  • Distribution of electricity from local switchyard to individual industries.
  • Supply, erection and commissioning of electrical accessories.
  • Design of electronic and electrical earthing.
  • Supply and design (according to need) of electrical safety materials.
  • Supply and installation of lighting fixtures for area & shop lighting.
  • Cable routing through trays, cable (Power and control) laying, dressing, clamping, tagging and termination at Electrical panel ends & LCS/ motor ends.
  • Supply, installation, testing & charging of all electrical Panels (PCC, MCC, PLC, UPS, Drive, control desk, LOB)
  • Supply installation, testing & commissioning of EOT-cranes & ladle transfer car.
  • Installation & commissioning of Combustion Air fan motors and pumps with drive start.
  • Installation & commissioning of Hydraulic power pack for actuation of hydraulic valves through solenoids (24 volts DC).
  • Erection, testing & commissioning of high voltage and low voltage motors for rolling mills stand.
  • Supply and commissioning of AC and DC drives with panels.