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Evcon Turbo Certification

The “Evcon Turbo” process / certification is approved and certified by Government agencies. Our TMT technology is approved by SAIL and this certificate authorizes the concerned producer/manufacturer not only to become eligible for SAIL / MES conversion tenders for TMT Bars in INDIA but also enables them to become eligible for important national as well as global tenders. “Evcon Turbo” process for TMT Bars is vital because it is capable of producing bars of Grade Fe 550 & 600 with minimum Elongation of 14% up to 40 mm. We also provide a warranty of one year from production. Besides this warranty, 6-monthly Quality Audits are mandatory from our side so that we can ensure a consistent quality of Bars.



Why “EVCON TURBO” Process for TMT bars?   


  • Our system is capable of producing bars of grade Fe 550 with min. elongation of 14 % up to 40 mm.
  • We provide 1 year warranty.
  • Mandatory 6 monthly quality audits are performed to provide consistent quality of bars.
  • EVCON TURBO” process is approved & certified by Government Agencies.
  • We are well known for our after Sales Service & we concentrate on Customer feedback in order to improve long term relationships.
  • Our R & D regularly helps us in modernizing our water feeding design.
  • Our reference list shows 200 + customers in INDIA & abroad.
  • Qualified engineers perform erection & commissioning of our system.
  • We provide assistance during marketing.