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Twin Channel With Tail Braker

The Twin-channel Bar receiving mechanism is used to collect the TMT bars after being sheared by the Flying Shear & then slowed by the Tail Braker in two strands. The twin-channel is made out of Cl central box, water cooled to prevent warping during rolling, and C-type Cl channels which are suspended from a longitudinal structure. The closed C-type channels ensure that the bars do not come out and maintain safety of the personnel.

The opening and closing of these channels is by means of a cam-shaft and follower rollers. After collection of each bar, the bar is dropped onto a fixed Cl Straightening rack mechanism one by one, from where it is carried ahead by the Movable rack mechanism. The Twin-channel mechanism is provided along the full length of the Cooling bed. In case of a 66 m long Cooling Bed, the twin-cannel size is also 66 m long. This mechanism is installed about 200 mm above the Straightening racks.