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Coal Dust Injection

Pulverized coal injection is a method for improving the performance of a blast furnace. The PCI method is based on the simple concept of primary air (termed the "conveying gas") carrying pulverized coal which injected through a lance to the tuyere (mid-bottom in let of a blast furnace), then mixed with secondary hot air (termed the "blast") supplied through a blowpipe in the tuyere and then piped to a furnace to create a balloon-like cavity called a "raceway", which then propagates coal and coke combustion and melts the solid iron ore, re leasing molten iron. The most remarkable aspect of this method is that it allows for cheaper coal to be consumed in the system, replace expensive coke, thereby remarkably cutting down on costs. Because of the severe environment inside the furnace, (>2000K), visual observation of raceway shape and size is impossible, therefore remotely measuring sensors are used to investigate the chemical and physical reactions inside the furnace.


We have a consortium with M/s CFMCC.